Travel Indonesia & Meet Exotic Asian Women

"Travel Indonesia & Meet Exotic Asian Women"

Indonesia is an amazingly diverse country made up of more than 18,108 islands. Its humid temperature and rich smell of Asia is a dream come to if you come from a cold country. The local cuisine is delicious rice and noodle dishes like nasi goreng or soto ayam. The population nearing 230+ Million (the third most populous nation on earth) are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Always smiling and helpful you'll find it's far from the dangerous country that is sometimes painted in the papers. The Indonesian cities are overcrowded and polluted like other Asian cities and the road rules are chaos with cars and an endless swarm of motorbikes going in every direction. In amongst the chaotic cities you'll find Malls that exceed the quality of Shopping Centres in the west. Some are built to the highest excellence and spotlessly clean. Even every toilet has its own full time cleaner.

Indonesia is an amazing mix between modern city and rural life. There are amazing Indonesian sites to see like the Bali volcano or Borobudur (otherwise called Barabudur), which is an 8th-century Mahayana Buddhist monument near Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. Indonesian beaches or the well travelled Bali beaches are furnished with pristine white sands or black sands on the volcanic islands trimmed with palm trees, hillsides and lush rainforests. The seas are teaming with life from turtles, sharks, the shark whale, manta rays, porpoises, and fish of all kinds including the massive sunfish. There is also brilliant diving and coral reefs to be explored. You can also see the Borneo Gorillas, Sumatra's teaming wildlife and tribal groups, Kalimantan's hidden jungles or Komodo Dragons or Komodo Island.

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Indonesian Adventure Sites:

  1. You can visit the Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centres at Tanjung Harapan
  2. Travel the Mahakam River along the Sungai Mahakam
  3. See the floating market at Banjarmarsin on the River Barito
  4. Visit the Kalimantan uninhabited swamps, jungle, mountains and rivers.
  5. Enjoy the 'Kai Islands' or 'Thousand Islands' with beaches that rival Bali.
  6. Holiday on the Banda Islands with enchanting forts, coral reefs, beaches and volcano.
  7. Pulau Bunanken reefs for brilliant diving and snorkelling.
  8. Stone Carvings & Wood Carvings of the Batubulan Village.
  9. Genung Leuser National Park with gibbons, Leaf Monkey & other Primates.
  10. Bukittinggi Town on the Ngarai Siank Canyon 900 meters above sea level.
  11. Exquisite crater lakes at Kelimutu on the volcanic island of Flores.
  12. Puru Ulun Danu Temple situation in a crater rim.
  13. Genung Bromo ancient crater with four peaks.
  14. 250,000 hectares of Lore Lindu National Park.
  15. Hindu temples of Prambanan Village.

Indonesian Facts:

  1. Highest mountains over 4000 meters.
  2. Temperature range between 24ºC and 28ºC
  3. Strong wind & monsoons December to March
  4. Indonesian has over 300 ethnic groups with the major being Javanese, Sundanese, Madurese, coastal malays, chinese and indians.
  5. There are estimated to be around 580 Indonesian languages and dialects.
  6. Indonesia is the largest Islamic/Muslim nation in the world. (90% of its population).
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